Monday, 10 October 2011

letestFashion Week to pakistan

. A willowy darkness and stares intently into the still murky distance. A beat drops, piercing the silence. As the music gathers pace, she sets off, sashaying toward the cameras that await her at the end of the ramp. The lights swiftly brighten to a squinting glare. On either in side, necks crane forward to scrutinize every inch  finery on exhibition. As she pirouettes in front of a flurry of flashes, the crowd emits its approval: some rise to applaud; others roar as they sway to fashion. Welcome to Fashion Week in Karachi

Nearly 3,500 miles away from Milan, this is perhaps the least expected entry in the global couture calendar. The clothes of parade, the models encased within, the talents  crafted them and the fabric they used are all Pakistani. For four days last week, attentions were briefly diverted from nearly daily terrorist attacks to this bustling port city, where 32 designers were showcased at Pakistan's first genuine Fashion Week, revealing a different side to a country too often in the headlines for bad news"Let's be honest," says designer Perwani. "The West can make a better black dress than anyone . We Ur also believe that if you are going to show something in the international market, it should be international with your own regional flavor. That's what the real buyer is looking for." At Milan, his busy and brightly patterned dresses — culled from the clothes of the Baluch tribes and vivid Pakistani truck art — he says evoked instant cries in "Bellissimo, bellissimo!"

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