Monday, 10 October 2011

latest women fashion style 2011

If 2010 was all about looking like a toy soldier in a Barbie dress, 2011 will see softer-edged look – all tutus, crimped hair, fruit motifs and floor-length skirts The fashion world doesn't celebrate New Year with you civilians, you know. We do our all-change moment in September, when we have a nice tan and the light is flattering. The first few weeks of January vile: you are flat broke and spotty from too many Quality Street and suffering Baileys withdrawal symptoms. Anything that involves a mirror is to be avoided at all costs, and that includes sales shopping. In this ideal world, one would avoid this chunk of the year by being in Thailand disguising a slight Tiger-beer belly with the use of strategic yoga positions but should that prove impractical, the next best thing is to put your feet up, ignore the resolution bores  wait for 2011 to really begin, fashionably late, in a few weeks' time.
Fashion has a ready-made crystal ball, in that this spring/summer's designer collections were shown in the catwalks last September. But the designer trends take on a life of their  once real people get their hands on them. The overarching aesthetic of 2010 was are ultra-youthful, sharp, staccato look, epitomised by stick-thin legs poking out of ankle boots and short, stiffly carved dresses. At the pretty, commercial, weekly mag-friendly end of the spectrum, this meant the Whitney Port/Olivia Palermo red-carpet look: all bare legs, fierce ankle boots and sweet smiles. At the other end scale – but channelling the same mood – were Lady Gaga and the Italian fashion-editor-extraordinaire Anna Della Russo, who added fruit hairpieces and feather epaulettes to the
silhouette This year looks set to see changing of the guard. A softer-edged look is coming into focus. Yesterday, many fashion blogs were running a first-look picture from the new Valentino advertising campaign, shot by David Sims in the Valentino Paris mansion on the Place Vendetta. The model is lounging on a sofa, one foot tucked under the other, giving a subtly different message to the dominant pose of the past year, in which the model stands stiff as a toy soldier, albeit one dressed in Barnie's frock

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