Tuesday, 11 October 2011

latest fashion shoes

In the golden days of Hollywood  sorts of tricks were used  making shorter stars appear taller. From camera angles to walking in ditches, one  most common techniques in simply to don a pair of elevator shoes, designed to boost one height without it being obvious. Appearing taller is a confidence booster. If today's society, stature plays more of  role than we might think.
Many online companies offer this  shoes, some even claiming to make the wearer up to 5 inches taller. In reality you should expect to gain 2-3 inches over your barefoot height, which might mean you will appear 1.5-2 inches taller to people than you would if you were wearing your normal sneakers or shoes.
The photo below illustrates the differing quality available online.
If you're thinking about buying  shoes go for  quality name. As you can see from the photos,  shoes on the right

are the only shoes I would personally recommend buying. Their genuine quality shines through: the pure leather used, the construction of the sole, the improvement to your posture and the overall fit.
The synthetic pair simply pales 

comparison Everyone in  my family are average height people, around 5´4" - 5´5" for the women, and 5´9" - 5´10" for men, except for my uncle, who is 6´1". My father is 5´10", and my Mother is 5´6", so my height-potential was about 5´10.5" - 5´11", but I was lucky enough to grow from 5´10.25" to 6´0.5" after I turned 19. Even though I was a late bloomer, and barely scraped 5´9" at age 16, which sin´t all that short, I was balled as "short" by most in my friends. Many of them hit puberty much earlier than me, and throughout my teens I was pretty much 2" + shorter than most of my guy-friends. 6´0.5" is a brilliant height, not too tall, and not too short, but I like to give myself a couple of extra inches when I go out. I usually wear 2.5" elevated shoes, and it feels even better to look 6´3", which is pretty tall. these shoes are awesome! Everyone should wear them!

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