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latest comfortable Leather Handbags 2011

Do you love the smell and feel of leather? where asked, this company answer that all of their products are made of  leather and lathers. That you may want to consider is Tani handbag. The chick designs and colors will make you a dedicated follower of these stylish bags that are fashionable and trendy. The company headquarters are based out of New York and the products are sold internationally.

They are economically designed and range in price from $50 to $200.00. The quality of the design and use of top of the line products make these handbags very fashionable and very affordable. The handbags are only sold in specialty shops and boutiques. They do have an exclusive website and products can be bought directly on line. They boast of having an anti department store rule because they do not want to become mass merchandisers.
The Boogie Bucket is a very popular handbag. It is made of a silky smooth leather and has a matte finish. All of the handbags are lined. This handbag features an adjustable shoulder strap and comes in some vibrant colors such as green, melon, ocean blue and floral orange.
The Jet Setter is made of Italian tag leather and has a very smooth texture. It is very lightweight and portable. It is available in brown and blue.
Oversize handbags. This bag are hand stained to give them a rich tone on tone look. There are small pockets for cell phones with an adjustable strap. The retail price is approximately $150.00.
Other popular handbags are the Misunderstood bag, Dependent bag, Lhasa Apse , Sid Delicious, Miss Congeniality, Lost Art, Stevie Kicks, Bottle Blond, Hollywood, Love Boat and Sex Bomb. The company is owned by a 35 mother of three. She admits to being a shopaholic and started with the company as a buyer. Recently, the original owner’s sons have taken over the business and have expanded the product line.
The owners describe the purchase of their hand bags as a sensual experience. They want consumers to touch and feel their hand bags and absolutely adore them before deciding to purchase them.

The company values the exclusivity of their designs and do not want women to be carrying just another bag. They pride them selves on craftsmanship and unique designs and colors. The bags are described as soft, squishy and comfortable.
There are a multitude of handbags available from trendy Gucci to quilted Vera Bradley and at times it is difficult to choose. If you are love with leather Tani is definitely worth the price. The bags are very fashionable and they come in an array of styles and unique colors. If you are decide, buy two and three. After all you need handbags for a variety of different occasions.

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