Sunday, 23 October 2011

latest Teen scene spring 2010

Get ready for this Spring '10 by checking out the antitheses articles/ all written by About Fashion's in ,house teen expert, Casey.

Just click on the link following each intro paragraph to take you to the entire article Think of your prom night as your own personal walk down the red carpet in the equivalent of a premiere fashion show or maybe the Oscars. You want to look perfect The style for summer 2010 is going to be extremely feminine with a total hippie,gypsy spin. Think of ruffles and lace, antiqued, whiskered denim and pretty peasant tops, circle skirts and eyelet tanks Look for gypsy,chic detail like embroidery, lace/trim/ patches/ of cute embarrassments, like floral leg-detail on this dark denim bell bottoms, by Cool wear.

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