Monday, 10 October 2011

Latest Indian Bridal Jewelry Trend 2011

Whether it is your own marriage, or a brothers sisters or a cousins, you are likely to thinking about options for jewelry on the big day. Like any other type of jewelry or dresses, wedding jewelry is also trendy. Now it is a fashion for the brides, bridal party, family, and wedding guests to think about weddings as new opportunities to be inventive with their ornaments.
Today, earrings, bracelets and necklaces which are designed particularly as accessories for wedding are ready to complement the wedding outfits. Wedding new jewelry offers a unique chance to carry forward a special theme of wedding, or to match color accents on the bridal outfit. A wardrobe change between the wedding and the reception is a popular trend for brides and their bridal party these days. Here comes the need of two different jewelry sets for the wedding a day.
Every country has its own bridal trends 2011. Indian looks are perhaps the most spectacular ones. Bridal jewelry is typically simple as well as traditional. Through the years, diamonds and pearls are very common choices and many brides select items that include these gemstones.
Jewelry is an essential accessory for an Indian bride. There is in fact no concept of a complete bridal look without all of the different jewelry items that are traditional. Majority of Indian brides used to wear yellow gold jewelry. However, silver, white gold, platinum, or diamond jewelry is also chosen in certain cases. Indian bridal jewelry often includes ruby, jade, garnet, amethyst, emerald and pearls. With some variations in bridal jewelry as per regional traditions, the basic pieces remain constant in India

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